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  1. Crimson Angel


    Did you have one or no? Also if you don't feel comfortable telling you can say you don't want to share. Thanks.
  2. Crimson Angel

    Dafuq is wrong with this forum?

    Everything is all clusterfucky... what's going on?
  3. Crimson Angel

    Sexual assault is NOT something to joke about. (Trigger Warning: Sexual assault)

    Words cannot describe how angry I was after reading this thread. https://www.caerf.ca/rboard/other-reviews/128821-hailey-rae-allegra/#post897897 To sum it up, a group of heterosexual men claiming how much they enjoy being sexually assaulted, and a well known indy SP replying back saying she...
  4. Crimson Angel

    How competitive is the escorting industry?

    I haven't been an SP but I can imagine this industry being very competitive - you either make a shitload of money every day or you make absolutely nothing, because your prices are solely dependent on how much clients are willing to see you.
  5. Crimson Angel

    People who confuse "having a high sex drive" to "enjoying rough/hardcore/degrading sex"

    I myself was one of those who thought that the two ideas are similar, and was the reason why I was confused about my own sexuality. I've always had a very high sex drive, but 90% of pornography disgusts me. In fact when I see hardcore porn such as "big cock" or "double penetration" or even just...
  6. Crimson Angel

    A reflection thread

    Yeah I'm making a reflection thread, but that's just me, I like reflecting, and I hope this will be an enjoyable read to everyone. Basically the gist of the thread is - instead of seeing SP's, why don't I... BE one? Just under two weeks I learned so much about escorting and how to run the sex...
  7. Crimson Angel

    What's with men here who act like 12 years old?

    I'm especially referring to StupidBrownMan and Natural, and possibly a few others. Do you honestly think that hurling insults at women will get them to fuck you? "Oh my god StupidBrownMan you got some nice juicy titties and a big dick... omg I'm wet... ahh ahh ahh FUCK ME DADDY" - says no...
  8. Crimson Angel

    A CRAZY idea I have in mind...need help please

    (TMI ahead) I remember yesterday I was looking up the blogs of a sex worker... a male sex worker... that works online... doing webcam... jacking off for other gay men to watch... and get paid for doing so. I thought - maybe I could do the same. After all I'm currently not paid very well, and I...
  9. Crimson Angel

    A place to ask for recommendations

    Now that I'm much more comfortable here... Is there a forum subsection where I can specifically ask for "I'm into X and Y, which SP will be good fit for me" for the community to answer? Thank you.
  10. Crimson Angel

    SP's that are cheap and provide restrictive GFE

    About time I decided to make a thread about hobbying interests, lol. I'm looking for SP's that are pretty and well-reviewed, but also affordable (140/200 or less) in exchange for being very restrictive. And by restrictive I mean no BBBJ, no DFK or LFK, none of the stuff being commonly...
  11. Crimson Angel

    Your post is liked by Hidden Content

    How can I see the people who liked or thanked our posts? I want to see who my friends are.
  12. Crimson Angel

    Transphobia within this community

    I remember the first time I joined into this forum I had to spend tooth and nail arguing that gender identity is a valid experience among non-cis people. I had to explain that trans women are WOMEN (and thus have to be referred to using she/her pronouns) and any degrading genitalia-related...

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