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    Recommendations for a Toronto Visit

    Deleted. No interest from members.
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    Let’s be the Good Clients the Ladies need us to be!

    A lot of ladies are hurting at this time after the loss of BP. Rather than seeking opportunities to take advantage of the ladies, let’s do the exact opposite. It’s never been more important for us to step-up and be better clients for the ladies who do so much to bring a little happiness into...
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    Reviews coming soon.

    I’ll start posting reviews from Westren Canada over here soon. I like this review 1000x more than the one’s out West. You can’t even post an honest review for a paid advertiser on Alberta’s main review without it getting deleted. I don’t want to support that bad practice. I’d rather post my...
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    Brass Club?

    In Alberta, Massage Parlours or MP's are less confusing. They're all full service with mostly GFE providers. Down east, things seem a little more ambiguous. MPA doesn't always equal escort. Here's the question. Is the Brass Club a full service MP like we have in Alberta with Escorts or is...
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    Ladies please remember to turn off Location Services/GPS when taking pic/Selfies

    By default many smartphones and digital cameras record data meta tags (Geo tags) in a file format called EXIF. Finding the GPS coordinates is as easy as downloading the image and uploading the image into any photo editor that supports reading the EXIF metadata. This means the GPS coordinates...
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    Transitioning CAERF from VBulletin to Xenforo

    Internet Brands is not doing a great job maintaining the existing installs of VBulletin 4.2 and 3.8 many review board owners are using today. CAERF is appears to be using VBulletin 4.2 today. Internet brands has had an agenda. They want to apply pressure for forum owners to upgrade to...
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    My Recent Health Crisis

    I know there's rumours going about my recent posts on Twitter about my health issues. I will provide as much clarification as possible without compromising my privacy. I won't provide any specifics into the nature of my condition. I have to share those with family and friends. I want to...
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    Professionalism and Twitter

    They make SP's lounges for a reason. They offer a place where you can vent about different client issues with your peers. Using your advertising space to vent about clients is just a bad idea. It's likely costing you lots of business. There's actually a lot ladies with great Twitter pages...
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    Screening with Legal Names

    I've noticed a lot of the professional SP's in Ontario require people's legal names. Given the large number of people living in Ontario and the GTA it's understandable. Generally speaking in Alberta, ladies screen with handles and referrals. No one really ask for legal names to book with an...
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    Twitter Mistakes

    I got a valuable Twitter lesson this week. I thought posting a brief statement about my experience as a web designer would be a good idea. I want to brand myself before looking to build an international website. It was not. Twitter was determined to teach me a lesson. The end result was...
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    Future of Escort Advertising

    What do you think will be the future of Escort advertising? How do you see things changing or evolving? What cool features or technologies would make a huge difference in finding escorts and finding clients? I'm a professional web designer who always keeps up with the newest web technologies...
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    Do you think Escort Websites are taking Cyber Security Seriously?

    There's been several escort advertising websites hacked over the past 15 months. The hacks were minor in some cases and devistating in other cases. Do do you think the owners of escorts sites are doing enough to secure their websites?

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