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IN-Call Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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Joined Apr 28, 2010
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Damn it all - I'm off playing with Vegas, figuring I'm gonna be the first one on this board to write a review of her, and I come and log on and someone has beaten me to it! :twisted: Well, I'm not gonna let a little thing like that stop me from writing about my adventures.

As the other reviewer noted, she is located right downtown, fairly centrally, in a decent 'hood but a slightly sketchy building. Easy enough to talk to on the phone and quite pleasant. I only had time to fit a half hour in, but she was cool with that. Rates are $140 HH and $200 HR with $40 extra for a tour of the islands.

She greeted me at the door in what seems to be her usual attire, a pink mesh "dress" (I use that word loosely, since dresses usually leave something to the imagination and often have more than a total of 2 square inches of fabric). She is exactly like her photos and quite cute, with a great ass and very sizable breasts (I would venture a D cup). We went upstairs, and took care of a little business, then she led me to the shower where I freshened up. Returning to the bedroom, I noticed that she has a stripper pole installed. Note to self - when I have more time, I must get this young lady to demonstrate her pole dancing technique (not that one you idiots - the other one!) to me.

She is very sweet and seems genuinely nice. She is also well spoken and carries a conversation quite well. Facially, she is pretty and the whole package is overall quite nice.

LFK turns quickly to DFK and from there her little "dress" is removed, freeing her lovely (enhanced, not the best job I've ever seen, but still very nice) breasts. I have to admit that I spent a good few minutes "admiring" them in various ways!

She provided a very good CBJ, btw. No offer of BBBJ was made and I didn't ask about it. I enjoyed some DATY and some digits as well, front and back. In contrast to the other reviewer :twisted: I did not notice any smell issue. I would concur with him that she seemed quite clean overall and I suspect that his experience was a one-off type of thing.

We moved on to the main event (hey, 30 minutes means ya gotta be expeditious and keep things moving) and covered a number of positions, but I have to say that, with those great breasts, the view from Cowgirl was definitely my favourite.

We finished up, she cleaned me up with a warm towel and, after another quick shower, I was on my way. Overall, a delightful experience and one to be repeated. A trip to the islands may be in my future travel plans with this young lass.

Play safe and play often!
Joined Dec 28, 2009
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Fab review DDR. Vegas has an amazing ass. If you take a tour of the greek islands on your next visit, don't forget to share the dirty details. Cheers.


Another good Vegas review has she been hiding under the radar or what :?:

Senor Gomes

Thanks Dudley she is now in my TDL, $40 for the extra is robbery.

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