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Joined Nov 14, 2009
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Last month, I had the pleasure of having an appointment with Tyler.

She was really high on my TDL, given her many previous positive reviews and her pics on the website. It was my first time using Roommates and they really came through for me and made my day. First of all, the phone girl (Not sure whether it was Nikki or Sara) was really nice and extremely helpful in booking the appointment. The condo is centrally located and very easy to find.

Anyway, I arrive at the location and was buzzed up. I walked through the door as instructed and standing in front of me in a really sexy black dress was Tyler and she looked stunning. She definitely looked much better in person than in the pics. Her body was very well toned, very pretty face, hazel eyes, luscious lips, long shiny black hair and an amazing smile. She reminded me of that girl that you always dreamed about in high-school that you wanted to meet, but was out of your league.

Tyler introduces herself, gives me a hug and leads me to the bedroom. It looks nice and cozy, and I notice the big mirror on the wall. I smile and say to myself, "This is going to be fun", as I have had very few opportunities to view the mirror while getting it on. We chit chat a little, bit, I take care of business and hop into the shower. I come out of the shower and enter the bedroom and I see Tyler is in a sexy bra/panty set. We start kissing, LFK which quickly turns to DFK. Her lips were so luscious and tender against mine and she really knows how to use her tongue. In my experience, one of the best kissers I have ever been with. She undresses and I explore her body, kissing and lightly touching everywhere until I reach her breasts. I let my tongue and fingertips do the work and she moans softly with approval. I move down towards her kitty and was about to explore it, but digits was not on the menu. No big deal. I start DATY and it was so good and really tasty that I spent some extended time down there. Her moaning got louder, her breathing, heavier and her body twitched, as she reaches her breaking point. At that moment, her face became flushed, her thighs wrapped tightly around me in a headlock and her cries of pleasure echoed around the room.

We take a short break and then switch positions with me on my back and Tyler gives me one of the most amazing BBBJ to die for with some DT in there. She had really good technique. Wet, not too aggressive, with a lot of slurping. Just the way I like it. Little Junior is ready for some action, so on comes the covers. We went straight for doggie, with her on all fours and me kneeling behind her slamming her as hard and as fast as possible, my skin slapping against hers. While this is going on, I am watching the mirror and it really turns me on. Her soft moans are beginning to get louder and louder. I feel the first SOG coming, so I slow down and we switch back to BBBJ and I release it and she takes it like a champ. We take a break, cuddle for a bit, kiss and chit chat. My impression of her is one of the most down to earth people that I have ever spoken with, and we spoke about quite a bit about a lot of stuff.

With time running down, we go for round 2. She gives me another of her signiture BBBJ's and little Junior is ready for some more action. We do some CG, then the scissors, then the mish and she was quite receptive and moans in response. We do some doggie again while we watch ourselves in the mirror, then mish with her legs over my shoulder then some more doggie, with her standing up and leaning against the chair and me pounding away. We both run out of gas and collapse on the bed in a sweaty heap. We finally end the session with Tyler giving me the combined BBBJ/HJ for my 2nd SOG, which came out like a rocket, bearly missing her face. I could not forget that expression of amazement that she had.

I take a quick shower, get dressed, we chit chat some more and then bid each other goodbye. Tyler gives me a big hug and kiss as I leave.

It was an amazing experience and I had a good time. Treat her right guys

Highlights: DFK - she is quite a kisser, BBBJ - she is one of the best, FS - definitely doggie
Booking: 9/10 - It was very easy and the staff was very courteous and helpful
Body: 9/10 - Absolutely stunning, nicely toned, great bum, perky boobs - maybe a B cup, but they were perfect for me, but might not be everyone's cup of tea if they are into large boobs
Face: 8.5/10 - Amazing smile, nice sparkling eyes
Attitude/Service: 9/10 - Very good attitude, tried very hard to please, extensive GFE menu, no digits and no islands
Personality: 9/10 - Very down to earth person, easy to talk to, great sense of humour, very sensual
Hygiene: 9.5/10
Damage: $240 (1 hr appointment)
Repeat: Definitely, but for a longer session


Re: Tyler @ Roommates

wowoow! Nice review my friend! You just made her my next appointment! ;)


Re: Tyler @ Roommates

Damn KR, you Rock bud Great review

quote: Her moaning got louder, her breathing, heavier and her body twitched, as she reaches her breaking point. At that moment, her face became flushed, her thighs wrapped tightly around me in a headlock and her cries of pleasure echoed around the room. Fuck dude that must have been amazing to see and hear. ;)
Joined Dec 8, 2009
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Re: Tyler @ Roommates

knight Rider.. love your review!! i could picture it all.. man do we have it good or what! The deck of cards at RMTS right now are full of Aces! Tyler another hottie on my TDL.


Re: Tyler @ Roommates

Great review KR. TDL is keep growing.

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