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Tori Fox - Review

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Joined Mar 27, 2010
Messages 316
So I was looking at the Fox Den roster the other day and didn’t see anyone in particular that I found interesting, so I called 604-669-9475 and talked to Belle Fox for about 8 minutes, always a pleasant chat for sure. Anyways, she informed me that Tori Fox had just signed on, and after refreshing the display on my Blackberry device I noticed her up and on the schedule. I have wanted to try Tori for a while now, platinum blond and big tits is sorta my thing, so I decided to book her for a one hour session at my favorite place in Burnaby, the Fox Den. Soon afterwards the time was set and I was driving home with many thoughts going through my head; will she be GFE, good, happy to see me? I didn’t know, but would soon find out!

I arrived at the Fox Den location in the cold weather and decided to go for a quick walk around the building to get rid of my excess energy before showing up, and after expelling a lot of it I briskly walked back to my truck and performed my pre-session ritual (Double counted donation of $320, mouthwash and cologne) and then casually walked to the front door of the Fox Den, ascended the 19 stairs to the top landing and pushed the buzzer. Soon I heard “Come on in BananaMan!” and with that I opened the door and walked to the front desk where I was welcomed by the receptionist Fox. I then reached for my wallet and removed the donation for one hour at the Fox Den, $320. After receiving this I was asked what I’d like to drink, but after being informed that my beverage of choice was unavailable I decided on a glass of bottled water. Soon after this was in my hand Tori was paged to inform her that I had arrived and was ready to see her, so within 1 minute I notice a platinum blond walking around the corner. “Hi, I’m Tori!” said the blond in front of me. “Hi, I’m BananaMan” replied myself with a grin and we slowly walked to room #1. “Wow, you seem to know where your going don’t you?” said Tori sarcastically, and I replied “Oh, I might have been here once or twice before”. With that she closed the door as I was walking towards the chair in the corner of the room, across from the shower. I took off my scarf and jacket and took a quick look at Tori. She is an average looking blond with medium length platinum blond hair and DD’s that were quite bouncy. She suggested a shower so I disrobed and hoped inside the stall and waited for her to follow behind me, which she quickly did.

We rinsed ourselves off independently and then dried off with a medium sized white towel hanging on a gold colored hook on the wall and then made our way to the bed, where were we both lied down on the silk runner going down the length of the bed. After a few fleeting seconds Tori hopped on top of my stomach and sat down and then started to tease me with soft stroking and some dirty talk. Soon she slid down and grabbed a cover from her bag and placed it beside me, all while starting to play with herself. My hand joined into the fray and she was soaking already! With me rubbing and her moaning it was almost too soon before she ripped the cover package open, placed the cover on the now rock hard Banana, and with a gasp slid the top half of it inside her mouth. Up and down she went with basic and average skill. She did look up often which I found a turn on, and she started to repeat lines usually heard in a porno, such as “Ohhh, your Banana feels so good inside my mouth”. It worked in the moment but afterwards, looking back it was a bit too much. The CBJ went on for about 5 or so minutes until Tori positioned herself up over the mighty Banana, and then slowly slid herself down and then we started to have some fun CowGirl style for a while with her being an energetic partner. Tori leaned over down to meet me but the kissing was more licking than actual LFK and was something new for me. As I had lots of energy that day I was pounding back just as hard, and after about 10 minutes of cowgirl and some reverse cowgirl I started to feel that feeling, so I grabbed her hips and blew for the moon.

She then slowly got off me and went to retrieve 2 kleenex from a gold colored box on the bedside table and then handed them to me so I could clean myself off. I did, and then placed the evidence inside the traditional brown paper bag. We made small chat for about another 10 or so until she suggested that we shower off. I turned her down as I would have one at home and I considerably prefer interactive showers, and then waited for her to finish. After she dried off once again, she started to get dressed and I followed suit. She then asked me which door I wanted to use, the front or the back, and then noticing that the appointment had 3 minutes left before the usual “5 minute warning” I said I’d prefer to use the front entrance. Tori then asked if the coast was clear and it was, so she walked in front of me to the front door and I opened the door and walked down the stairs after saying goodbye to Tori and the receptionist Fox.

Repeat: No.
Contact Information:
Rate Information: $320 for the hour



Joined Feb 8, 2010
Messages 94
Well balanced review AN. Cheezy porn-style stylistics are a turn-off for me too.
Joined Mar 23, 2010
Messages 43
Dude how many "fox" are out there good to know you say it like it is no bullshit coming from you only facts and honesty.
Joined Mar 27, 2010
Messages 316
Randy Moss said:
Dude how many "fox" are out there good to know you say it like it is no bullshit coming from you only facts and honesty.


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