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Survey: Which actor/Actresses would you never have sex with?

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Joined Jan 9, 2010
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All4one said:
Here is the survey results:

(female responses)
“Hugh Grant (barf ).”
1. Tom Cruise
2. Steve Buscemi
3. Jack Nicholson (tie)
3. Mickey Rourke (tie)
3. Robert Pattinson (tie)
(male responses)
“Wait, is Fergie an actor or a musician?”
1. Tom Cruise
2. Kathy Bates (tie)
3. Whoopi Goldberg (tie)

LMAO!! Both male and female results #1 Tom Cruise

Uncool putting my boy mickey on the list. He's something like 55 yrs old these days. Time capsule back in the 80's when he was in 9 1/2 weeks, there was no one better at playing a slick, slimy stud. :)
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Darfus said:
I guess OP was asking who you would never have sex with????

Thats what I thought to.......:confused: I mean really who wouldn't want to have sex with Allysa Millano :shock:?
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