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St. Paddy’s Day, The Mirage Limo Magic Bus

Please remember that YMMV, be respectful to the ladies and this is from my POV.

Our Hosts: Andy & his lovely better half.

Now, I assumed correctly that there were many new faces on the bus, and I told Julia of my plan for an ice-breaker for everyone to have some fun and get to know each other! I purchased a small box of envelopes for the game!

As the self-appointed Master Blaster for the limo ride, I stood up and introduced myself as HOF. Then, I wanted to show all what a true Irishman I am, so I dropped my trousers to expose (not my trouser anaconda snake) but my Boston Celtics boxers! King21, Dreamblade, and PC0 were starring at my shit! LMAO! If they tell you anything different, they're liars!

At this point in the floor show, the ladies, Alize, Britney, Brandi, Dawn, Taylor, Lola, Kayla, and Maxine, became Mirages version of the PUSSYCATDOLLS and sang my theme song!
It was Taylor that led the ladies into song!

The instructions and rules of the Ice Breaker Exercise!
On each of the envelopes, I placed a number from one to 1 to 40. Some had a number with a star (that was for my knowledge). The envelopes were sealed, and on the inside, for the ladies, it said:
-Kiss anyone on the bus
-Kiss King
-Kiss PC0
-Kiss any male
-Kiss HOF (There were several of those strategically handed out! It’s my game!
-Kiss any female
Now for the males, it was a little different:
-it said kiss any female
-Kiss a brunette, or a redhead, or a blonde female.

Now, before I continue, there were enough envelopes for all to receive 2! So that caused some commotion if you understand! We had some people pass. LMAO!

Now, each envelope had a number on it. The ladies all had stars on theirs and for one night only Chris Rock is wrong as those numbered envelopes were the order that Mayhem of Angels would be having sex with me in the champagne room Now, for those that had a number but no star on their envelope, they weren’t having sex in the champagne room.

This is basically how the evening at Spearmint Rhino went.

The Mirage Angels of Mayhem were just that enticing and teasing many of the board members and patrons, these ladies were enjoying every moment of it, and so they should because they work hard for the money!

The Mirage starlets on the limo bus were Alize, Brandi, Brittney, Dawn, Taylor, Lola, Kayla and Maxine.

****ites on the bus: Dreamblade, PCO, King21, there were 4/5 other gents, and the official Master Blaster for the limo ride HOF!

The highlight for me was finding a dancer called Msytery, whom I haven't seen in several years and thought that she had disappeared. Well, I stole Mystery away and I stole Britney away, several tequilas later and they were making out! Mystery had to run for her last show, and I asked Britney to stay there with me, and my good friend CARMEN K joined us. Several more tequilas Carmen's naked and they're all over each other too.

It's always heart warming when I can introduce my friends to one another and watch them make out!

Well, we arrived at our return destination at the corner of FUN & FROLIC, I had one last goodnight kiss from Britney and I opened the taxi door for her. Everyone had dispersed, so I went back to my hotel to plan day 3!

Andy & Taylor thank you so much for a great evening!​


Quite the Emcee, arent ya HOF? I don't remember seeing my invitation....hmmm. Perhaps it was lost in the mail? I'll forgive you this time, but next time, please deliver it by courier. Thanks Buddy.
Joined Mar 28, 2010
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king21 said:
We are all mentally scarred for life!!!!!!

heck I was not even there and I am scarred for life just reading about this...dam visual brain of mine!
( i have to surgically remove the part of my cortex that will harbor this memory/image)

Great review as always HOF. Sounds like an fun experience.
I applaud your initiative to make the experience fun...and well..take advantage of the situation and young ladies for
Joined Mar 23, 2010
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Hof do you need a friend?, call me next time a party like this happens. Sounds you all had a blast.


Joined Feb 13, 2010
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Great video clips hof, you remind me of a school buddy that was as wild as you. Always the leader and a party machine.


Hof I have to hire you for one of my parties coming up you will make a great MC.


Madmax said:
Great video clips hof, you remind me of a school buddy that was as wild as you. Always the leader and a party machine.

Where do you go to school! LOL


Beenthere123 said:
Hof I have to hire you for one of my parties coming up you will make a great MC.

You can pay me in SPs. 250 per hour! LMAO.


Joined Feb 13, 2010
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Was the party like this Hof?



Judge said:
Was the party like this Hof?


That was the after party in my hotel room!

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