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IN-Call Sarah @ Naughty Girls. TOFTT

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Joined Mar 28, 2010
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You live quite the live 4X. Can I be you? :)
Thanks for the TOFFT. Your reviews are excellent all around. I got to get on it an see these ladies.
Joined Dec 21, 2009
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HOT DAMN!!! Another stellar review 4X! Gave me a woody of biblical proportions. By hook or by crook gotta introduce my lil knotty boy to this lil naughty girl.

Appears I'm going to need a bigger emergency hobby kit in order to carry a bigger TDL.

Catch you in the funny papers.
Joined Feb 10, 2010
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Hey guys , for those that wanted a pic of Sarah i just posted one on CL. I was unable to load them on here. I am still trying. She will only be available till about 8pm tonight.
Joined Mar 18, 2010
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Thanks for the review 4X. You are a legend for breaking in newbies. I wish I had your studly charms. I saw 2 of her photos today and she has a lovely figure, slim, tight and sexy, I love that in a women.
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