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Sassy Angels Review: Duo - Mia & Sophie @ Sassy Angels

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NOTE: This was my first review ever. I just modified it removing some irrelevant know what i mean. I am posting it here as per a few requests with the intention of reviewing of sophie, and sophie in duo. (This was in sept 2009, Mia is no longer here...she should come back...i mean shouldn't she? we are the best)

The following my an attempt to bring order to Chaos in an attempt to write this first review:

I have always been one to try to seek out and experience the best of what there is.

Popular opinion is what I used to determine what’s best, echoing the way things are decided realistically, and the basis of 4Times’ post, and it is through research that lead me to these conclusions at 3 levels:
1) I started my career hanging around the MP scene and arguably experienced the best with Christina @ SRM. My best experience so far.
2) The natural progression is to the SP scene, and based on the notorious 4Times, arguably the best, current and active SP, is Daphne @ Mirage. I have yet to experience.
3)An enhanced SP experience, an experience on another level, is the SP Duo scene, and popular opinion dictates a contender for title, if there is one, in Mia & Sophie @ Sassy Angels.

I leaped into the SP scene. My first Toronto SP experience, and I jumped into it with a duo Mia & Sophie of Sassy Angels. Here is my review:

It was time for a change and for me to stop avoiding the Incalls thread. Having read 4Times’ experiences coupled with my sense of completely insane adventure seeking, both Mia’s pending departure and subsequent duo reviews I had to book Mia with a duo in mind.

Booking with Sassy was smooth. I had no problems contacting the agency by phone. Scheduling was clear and accurate. The woman on the phone, whose name, by my own unfortunate negligence did not get, was very sweet, understanding of my newbism, accommodating and helpful. I booked Mia and then inquired about duo’s. She mentioned working that day was Sophie and explained that Sophie and Mia were experienced and work well together. Excellent.

I could not sleep for the next 2 nights

The downtown location was very accessible. Parking was not a problem. I was greeted at the door by a young blond wearing sexy lingerie and who, by her pictures, I deduced to be Mia as Sophie came walking in to join us dressed equally erotic. I was definitely getting overwhelmed at this point thereby barely catching the formal introductions and absorbing the welcoming hugs.

The Room:
Comfortable décor. Bathroom neat and clean equipped with mouthwash. Room temperature comfortable. Two big mirrors….loved the views those guys presented…awesome…. one on the wall at the end of the bed and the on the wall opposite the bed.

The Ladies:
Visually these ladies are sexy and beautiful. I must admit I had my preconceived and consequently inflated expectations, due to reviews and site-pictures, I was surprised when those expectations were met. Mia was more beautiful than I expected. She has an erotic face with beautiful blue eyes and I believe jaw length blond hair…or was it tied up……too many images in my head to sort through… think it was cut shorter than the pics.
has a cute, beautiful face with gorgeous brown-eyes. Her website pics definitely do not do her justice. She is much better. It was like a different person IMO.
Personally, they were sweet, kind, and considerate. I told them that this was my first time and they were very comforting and supportive. I was nervous as heck, but they helped toss that out the window.
Mia is a hot fun loving, good spirited individual. She seemed to be always smiling.
Sophie is a sexy, no-nonsense yet gentle-hearted individual and is pleasant and energetic.
They seem to very much enjoy what they did here and put their all into it.
They are both intelligent in their crafts and respective areas of interest and provide a plethora of interesting topics of conversation. At the end our conversation was only broken by time constraints. They are very cool, out-going and interesting. They are individuals I could get along and hangout with outside this world of anonymity. (but I guess that is a paradox)

The Duo Experience:
Now this part I am having the most trouble composing. I want to preserve the sanctity and respect of the ladies and experience by not divulging their details. All I got to say is that it was the most extraordinary thing I have experienced uptil now...realize i am inexperienced so this is accurate. Mia and Sophie were incredible as a team and were definite stars. They each held their own and I got to experience their skills beyond my expectations, and came together worked in unison amplifying the encounter. They worked very well together as their experience as a team showed. Mia is popularity-review-ranked top 5 and if used a relative standard Sophie should be up there too..she was awesome. They were very accommodating asking what I preferred, favorite positions etc. They were polite offering drinks and made the experience for me very comfortable and inviting. After we showered off the consequence of heat we generated (aka sweat) we freshened up and engaged in fun and intellectual conversation for what appeared the little remainder time we had. Time went fast too fast. I didn't want to leave. I wanted more.

As I sit here trying to end this review….I am completely being honest when I tell you I feel the lactation building up in my forearms (that could be from typing this dam thing) biceps, lats, abs, obliques, gluts, quads, hamstrings and calves (for some reason) I do work out…but been out for a bit with a sprained ankle..oh ya and ankle..…so I must have got quite intense workout today.

So ya. There it is.
To sum up: I had a great time. It was a great experience. They are great ladies. Mia will be missed.
I need a break. I hope this review makes sense.
I have no idea if they caerf members or even know who I am…if so on both counts… I hope they don’t turn around and review me….although fair is fair….that would be interesting...yikes…pm’s babes.

I wonder if all duos are like this…if so …sign me up escort agencies…for free?

1) My ankle still hurts...bad sprain, worked it out for months, 1 inch calf discrepancy vs right..due to dissuse causing muscle atrophy...and too much infomation has been given on the state of my ankle.
2) Previous Reviews of Sophie:
Our Friend Heatwaves review of the Same Duo:


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You couldn't have chosen better dude.

btw..your forearms are lactating? :razz:. Wow, that's hot.
Joined Feb 8, 2010
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Now, that's what I call a workout. If I had that much fun at Bally's, I'd never leave the gym. Thanks for the review bro.


I thought I read a review about Mia and/or Sophie somewhere else. They're legendary. I saw Sophie last year too.

Excellent stuff Chaos. You did well to bring order to your hobbying.

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