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Joined May 14, 2010
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Where should I start? This is a slightly belated review. After using other boards (cough cough), I am finding this board much more open to criticism and is not censored.

Booking was easy with Select. The phone girl was professional and easy to get a hold of The location was downtown. They were slightly late and made me wait about 20 mins, but no big deal. The condo was downtown near eaton center and easy access to parking.

I entered the room and was pleasantly surprised to see a slim young lady with a bit of an alternative look to her. I took a shower and started to DFK. This girl has wicked tongue skills. She took of her clothes and she has a amazing spinner body with B type boobs all natural. She has some visible tattoos on her stomach and has a nose ring. Overall very attractive girl with dark black hair. She is intelligent. I did not explore the whole menu because I had a half an hour appointment. DFK, HJ etc. I am going to repeat with her which I usually never do. I was not too pushy but you will have to lead with her. I am sure you can try to do a few interesting things with her and she maybe open to it.

During our session her phone went of a few times. Also another phone call came through before my session was up to tell her to finish. The major drawback was she told me my time was almost up, and I looked at my watch to see that my shower was counted as time. This also happened when I saw Bella @ Sassy's. It can be also due to the fact I elected to go for the 1/2 hour session.

Looks: 8/10
Body: 9/10
Service: 7/10 - only because I did not explore the full variety and the phone went of multiple times

Repeat: yes - I am going to book a multi hour session as soon as I get some time and will make sure to tell them not to count my shower against me

Is it usual to count the shower time against the time purchased?


Very good TD. Let us know how your longer session goes with more detail.

Shower time is usually counted in my experience with agencies.

Indies tend to be a little more lenient about shower time.
Joined Dec 1, 2009
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Thanks for another review truedat. I also find that shower time is counted towards the time, that's why I find 1/2 hour sessions unsatisfying. I usually take up to 15 minutes for some chit chat, shower, then a little more chit chat to build a repoire before going in for the action.
Joined Apr 25, 2010
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Wow shower time is included on the session clock? You got a tough bunch out there huh? She sounds great, I love the girls with that alternative look about them. Definitely post an update after the longer repeat session to let us know if the mileage gets better.

Good review.
Joined Mar 24, 2010
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Almost never book a half hour and the odd time that I do, its because I'm planning on seeing a couple of ladies in a row. Just not enough time for me. Mine is someone I've been thinking about putting on my TDL... thanks for the review.
Joined Feb 1, 2010
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Just to show you to never book 1/2 hour sessions, did you call select about the phone matter?.


Joined Apr 30, 2010
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billdong said:
Just to show you to never book 1/2 hour sessions, did you call select about the phone matter?.

HH sessions are only for the quick bang bang thank you mad'm. Chemistry should not be expected.
Joined Feb 8, 2010
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Thanks for the low-down TD. Curious, you mentioned her phone went off a few times during the session. Did she pick-up the phone everytime it rang? If so, that's a total turn-off and defintely not someone I want on my TDL.
Joined May 14, 2010
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I did not call them about the phone issue. I should rephrase, the phone went off due to text messages from the agency reminding her that time is up. She was a nice girl, and is new so I took it in stride.

I also did not think it was a huge issue because I was there for 1/2 hour. I hate spending $250/hour to find out the girl was severely air-brushed and not to my expectations.

I still would recommend her but on an hour session. I am still going to utilize the 1/2 hour sessions to sample the menu before taking the plunge.

I would still recommend Mina, you just need to take the lead and initiate right away.

_ _

Joined Dec 14, 2009
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Great review. Thanks for the info. I usually don't go for girls with an alternative look but I've got to admit that this girl has me very interested.
Joined Jan 26, 2010
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I've booked the occasional half hour session and have never had my shower time counted as part of the session, except for the Asian incalls where the lady actually comes into the shower and the fun begins.
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