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Joined Dec 1, 2009
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I'm a relatively new hobbyist so I hope that you guys won't be too critical of my review style? Anyway I saw Kate@Sassy's recently for a half an hour appointment. I found Kate to be a pretty looking petite sp. All the usual acronyms applied. DFK, DATY, BBBJ, CG, RCG etc etc.

I had one nervewracking and one funny experience in my session with Kate. I almost took a bad wipeout in the Sassy's incall shower. Man is that shower floor slippery. My brief hobbying career almost came to a quick end. Luckily Kate was not in the shower with me at the time.

The funny experience was when I was doing CG with Kate. Kate is a very delicate petite pretty sp with a nice innocence about her. Anyway she asks me if I would like to hear some dirty talk when we're having sex? I said sure. Kate starts saying "fuck me harder baby I know you can do it." I then inadvertently start laughing as Kate has such a sweet innocent raspy voice and she is saying such dirty things. Luckily Kate started laughing as well as she is a good sport and a very nice woman with a warm personality.

I would definitely repeat with Kate but I might have to stop at Wal-mart first and buy my own shower mat to bring with me before I tackle that Sassy's incall shower again.

I really enjoy being a member of CAERF and just thought that I would contribute a short review rather then just being basically a lurker on this very useful hobbying board.
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Joined Dec 14, 2009
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Welcome dude!! Nice review and funny. Glad Kelly didnt have to call 911 for you.


Great review Winslow sassys has one of the best rooms to visit, they forgot to take care of their floor mats. I bet you your next trip there they will have it, they are a very Classy agency.


Joined Dec 27, 2009
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Winslow pick me up some socks at Wal-mart while you are at it. :)

Fun review Winslow.


Joined Jan 5, 2010
Messages 320
Kate is a sweetie pie, way raunchier than you might guess from her looks and demeanour.

Can't critique your review style cuz it's awesome. Thanks for the input.


clintE said:
Winslow pick me up some socks at Wal-mart while you are at it. :)

Fun review Winslow.

Wearing socks in the shower LOL...back in the day that's what we called sex with a condom... :p


Joined Feb 14, 2010
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Right at the point review Winslow. There is nothing in there that can be critical. Great review imo.

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