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IN-Call Jessie @ Mirage "Cum Dans Ma Bouche"

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Joined Mar 18, 2010
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Jessie is back and I have been wanting to see her again. My first visit with Jessie was a so so visit, she had a bad hip so she could not do cowgirl. However, her BBBJTCIM skills are top rate and that kept me wanting to go back to see her. For $320 you get a hot looking French blonde girl that you want to fuck once you lay eyes on her and she'll suck you until you blow your load in her mouth to swallow. She has a slender model figure with very perky B-cups and great little ass. Pretty face too.

Booking was easy got to condo knocked she opened the door and we exchange hello's paid her donation, told her I am hoping for a SPE session, she said "Well we shall see" with a grin, so I jumped into the shower. I came out out the shower walked into the bedroom and she was already naked, she imediately kissed me which lead to some LFK. My hands roamed around her tight young body, I squeezed her ass, reached for her pussy and rubbed her clit gently. She removes my towel to grab my already hard cock and slowly caresses it and she says "You have a nice dick". Meaning that I am not hung like pornstar and nice enough that it's not going to hurt her when I go balls deep penetration on her. Soon my modesty would be rewarded as Jessie drops to her knees and starts BLS before starting a wet and sloppy BBBJ. Often using the handjob to BBBJ technique back and forth. I had to stop her before I blow my load too soon, so I told her to get on the bed on all fours with her hot ass up in the air, I started to lick her pussy which got her going and I pleasured her with a rimjob while figuring her wet pussy.

She begs my to fuck her so on goes the hat and I gave her a spirited dogfuck. I pull out and we get into Mish position on the bed and do some LFK as I fuck her at the same time. Next I get her on top off me so I can watch her ride me, I love grabing her tits and pinching her nipples until they are hard. I move up to suck on them...yummy. She pushes me down on my back and she removes the hat and tosses it across to room and begins her trademark BBBJ after about 5 minutes I am on the edge and she knows it, just like a trained professional pornstar, she tells me that she wants me to cum in her mouth and she wants to swallow all of it. I came in her mouth and she paused to swallow it and continues to give me post cum BBBJ and at this point I am so sensitive that my toes curl and I am shaking with pleasure. She has my cock in her mouth for good while I had to tell her stop. She excused her self to go to bathroom. She came back and I too went to the bathroom to do a quick cleanup and came back for round 2. We had about 20 minutes left so asked her another round of BBBJTCIMSW, it would cost another $20 but it was worth it and it was epic. I told her she gives amazing BJs and she said "You mean I don't suck like your girlfriend does?" I laughed and told her "That's why I hire a professional". Overall a great PSE session and she made for last time when I first saw her.

Looks: 9
Body: 10
Attitude: 9
Service: 10
Donation: $300 + $40 (2X BBBJTCIMSW) = $340
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Joined Mar 18, 2010
Messages 1,702
Knight Rider said:
Wow! Amazing review, lovelatinas. Glad you had an awesome time.



I forgot to describe that Jessie like Daphne their tongues are like hot silk. Both are the best BBBJ providers in the biz.
Joined Mar 18, 2010
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king21 said:
Awesome review of Jessie, does she not facially remind you of Paris Hilton a bit?

Now my dick got limp. Just kidding. Perhaps a bit. To me Jessie is prettier and her mouth is not as small as Paris. Jessie lips are fuller too. I saw Paris Hilton's sex tape too and she doesn't suck cock like Jessie.
Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Great review. I've gotta remember that another round of BBBJCIMSW will only cost $20!

I am not sure where this Paris Hilton comparison first originated . . . Jessie does not look like Paris.

I had a great time with Jessie last fall. I recall getting LFK, maybe DFK with Jessie, but everything else was there. She does have a very large, tasteful, colourful tattoo.
Joined Dec 1, 2009
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Excellent review LL. You always wind up seeing all the gorgeous SPS. Good for you!

Borey the Bald

LL you have a way with words nothing more to add but a thanks for the extraordinary review.
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