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Joined Dec 28, 2009
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They expect us to hit up 4 indivdual searches for pics. Sorry ladies, not interested. :-?
Joined Jan 5, 2010
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Jessica_dark said:
Hmm....none of the ladies give their ages - good luck to whoever tries first!

Is anyone ever straight with their age? I mean, some of these girls have been 24 for five years...
Joined Nov 9, 2009
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Very true. I don't lie about my age because right now I"m still young enough for it to not matter to me lol.

It's fishy when they don't even specify tho. Heck, Sophia has been 27 for like 4 years - and she doesn't even look that old!
Joined Feb 22, 2010
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Heyyy guys, its JAYDEN here just wanting to let you know that
my friends and I are still all together here having a great time and would love
you to join us...

** 5'8"
** 130lbs
** blonde hair
** blue eyes
** 36*C
** French Canadian

** 5'3"
** 110lbs
** brown hair
** green eyes
** German Brazilian

** 5'6"
** 110lbs
** black hair
** blue eyes
** 34*B
** Italian Canadian
** 5'3"
** 125lbs
** black hair
** brown eyes
** 34*B
** African American

For pics of LINDZEE, MADISON, & KYRA search their names.
Its up to you if you want one, two, three, or four.
We have a girl to suite everyones needs!!!
So we are here and waiting for you guys, give us a call!!!

I wanted to go with one, but when I called I was told she only works in Hamilton ????
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