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4Times said:
So who are Torontos most talked about Independent SP’s so far in 2010. 4Times and I have listed the ladies alphabetically but to be here on this elite listing there must have been at least 5 positive reviews and endorsements this year. Hey we just can’t throw anybody on this list.


Amber RZ (affiliated with GOE)

Asian Alice

Asian Crystal

Brynn Winters


Charlene Asian Miss.
416- 568-4424

Charlie Girl

Deme Fox

Genevieve Lajoie


Holly Hartley




Kaelyn Kroft

Karina Enescu

Kayleigh Carter

Kenzie Taylor

Kyra Graves


Madison Doll (Active but relocating)
[email protected]

Miss Cookie

Molly Robinson

Mya Espinoza

Noir Plaisir

Olivia Ray


Rebecca Richardson

Rylie Royale

(Riley you owe us 5 positive reviews)

Tgirl Niki

We invite input from this community to enhance this thread with info and insights. Feedback is invited and welcome. If you want to recommend your favorite Indy on this thread- we would like to know about them. 4Times/GDLLover

Thanks gentlmen This is very well thought out and written. It reads like a marketing prospectus.

I tend to hobby in fits and starts. In my most recent binge I have seen 5 indys for a batting average of 4 for 5 and 2 agency ladies at a 1 for 2 average. However it's not a really good indicator because my sample sizes are not the same. But my experience with the independents is that they do everything you mention to keep their clientele satisfied and coming back for more. And because they are independent they seem, for the most part, to be more interesting to me because they are not just SPs but also business people and risk takers. Also many of them write thoughtfully and articualtely on this site. All these factors seem to make me gravitate toward independent providers. What can I say, I like supporting small business!

My absolute favourite independents so far are, in alphabetical order,

Adelle StClair,
Genvieve LaJoie
Rebecca Richardson
T-Girl Nikki

And my favourite agency girl so far in alpahbetical order is;

Sydney at RM
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