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Senor Gomes

Esmeralda is another caliente Columbian which I will rate slightly higher than Ruby in the looks department. Sexy and sexier when she smiles, deep brown eyes, long silky legs, hairless pussy, round great ass, 34 b naturales and nipples you can hang a ring on or two. Do note a few tasteful tattoos and paid the extra for PSE plus Greek.

Dedicated Olympic gold winner kisser, my Latina lover kissed me with so much passion I almost blew my load there. Gave me a good BBBJ with some mild dirty talk saw the end of light in daty while squessing those tender breasts of hers. Then proceeded to mish by the edge of the bed and moved her higher with every stroke.

Ask any Latino man if he likes Greek. If one says no, he is a mentiroso cabron. My highlight was entering her tight culo and playing with her clit. Nuff said, enjoy her boys but treat her right.

Senor Gomes

Max said:
Does not say Greek on her menu, YMMV I presume?

Yes YMMV, she would not do either unless she trusts you.


Joined Dec 27, 2009
Messages 575
Senor Gomes can you hang 3 rings in one nipple?. Funny and good review keep them coming.

Borey the Bald

Latinas are one of my favorites never found one that did not like it dirty. Thank you Senor Gomes for the review.


Gomes your fetish for Latinas equals mine for DT even though I have mellowed out alot. Thanks for your contribution here.
Joined Dec 8, 2009
Messages 439
Great review Gomez, I have also got her on the extended TDL, she does look hot. I like the passionate Spanish ladies too so I will make sure that I do see her.
Joined Dec 28, 2009
Messages 93
Solid review SG. Sounds like you had a hot time. How does Esmeralda compare to the other chica latina Claudia looks wise?
Joined Jan 9, 2010
Messages 111
lovesbig ____ said:
Solid review SG. Sounds like you had a hot time. How does Esmeralda compare to the other chica latina Claudia looks wise?

Looks wise, I'd give the edge to claudia. She's got an incredibly hot ass, very pretty facial features etc. Service wise, esmeralda gets my vote. She'll devour your cock and fuck you senseless. You can't wrong with either one. Both have their share of fans.

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