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IN-Call Dancing With A Star - Lacey @ RM

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Had been dying to see Lacey for over six months and the stars finally aligned today for us to find 3 hours for a playdate on a rainy spring afternoon.

When the door opened I was completely floored - her pics on the RM site just simply don't do her justice - IMHO she's gorgeous, and that BODY! All natural, smooth & silky from head to toe, deep seductive eyes deftly highlighted and framed in dramatic tones and lines. And the "smile" - she should have it trademarked after the warm inner glow I could feel when subjected to it for the first time! :oops:

She really reminded of Carrie Anne Inaba of Dancing with The Stars fame for some reason, although she doesn't have any south Asian ancestry - just that special, unique look and sheer hotness that she shares with Carrie Anne, only she's younger and hotter!

Lacey is a beautiful, warm and very down to earth, approachable young lady and our session was filled to the brim with her erotic, passionate and playful energy for the entire three hours. She is an amazing and exuberant kisser, and DFK with her was toe curling to say the least. She's very vocal about what she wants and likes which I found to be a massive turn on, and the way she uses her sweet sweet body to turn you on is outstanding - great ass, lovely full and natural C's with deep berry brown nipples, clean and sweetly scented skin, thick luscious dark hair....the total package.

She is absolutely a great Full GFE, and her oral skills in particular (BBBJ/BLS) stand out as impressive, if not wildly spectacular. DATY was a dream, but she is very sensitive there so marathon sessions of it won't likely fly. We did pack a lot of kinky activity into our session, and she managed to push my buttons in all the right ways to get me off twice in the three hours, but FS specifically was limited just to doggie and brief mish as "hobby" and "travel" fatigue combined to soften my wood somewhat preventing any long intense riding. I didn't really care though, as Lacey got both of us up to all sorts of no good, and I loved it all. Ran out of steam with about 20 mins or so to go and really enjoyed just holding her and laughing some while we talked and she snuggled sweetly up beside me - intimacy is definitely not a lost art with Lacey, and it was the perfect end to my very busy week of 16hr work days.

In the end, I found I'd lusted after an unknown commodity from pics online for almost six months only to arrive and find I wanted her even more from the moment I laid eyes on her. Talk about your hidden gems! Thanks Lacey for a fantastic session, hope you'll let me visit for another playdate again very soon! ;-)
Joined Nov 10, 2009
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Nice work Demien? How would you rate her compared to some of the hotter SPs you've seen? Does she have tats or piercings?


You did it again Demien found us another babe. I miss the hobby been 2 weeks just too friecken busy, have to call Nikki see if Lacey is available tomorrow.


It's tough to compare apples and oranges...Lacey is a great SP, Full GFE but not PSE, service quality was great and her typical GFE menu was eagerly offered. No CIM or Greek, she accepts but does not offer rimming, MSOG, MPOS, loves FS as hard and long as you like, and her look is very unique. I personally found her more attractive than Daphne for instance, but each guy has his own preferences...she's not a spinner, but I wouldn't call her big, and her thighs are not thick, but very well toned as she runs 5miles a day, flat tummy, etc. The pics online make her seem bigger than she is - she's actually very proportionate for her her height. No piercings other than ears, and only a couple of inconspicuous, very small tats. Go see her guys, I don't think you'll be disappointed, I certainly wasn't~
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Demien2k5 said:
I don't think you'll be disappointed, I certainly wasn't~

Trust all your reviews an certainly this one thanks Demien your recommendations always on the positive side.


severeaddicted said:
Fantastic review, do you know where she was born Demien. She South American?

She's a Canadian-born girl, but said she had mix of Spanish, Black, and American Indian in her ancestry which gives her her very hot unique look facially. A very nice mix result if you ask me :mrgreen:


Joined Jan 5, 2010
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D, that was tremendous. I've come to expect nothing less from you sir.

As I started reading I thought, 'here we go, another gorgeous hot sexy girl Demien has corralled'. Then It dawned on me that if we here in this city use the trustworthy agencies we know and love, 8 or 9 times out of 10 we're going to be with a stunning woman usually with a sweet personality. Sometimes you just gotta be grateful.

btw...glad to hear even you get hobby fatigue D. I feel better now. I've certainly had my trials with the marshmallow in the past.

Rock on buddy


It happens to the best (& worst, as the case may be, LOL!) of us dude :lol:, and I honestly understand why very few of the ladies work 5 days a week. I've been on a tear of 9 staight days of hobbying, and combining that with heavy work/travel commitments, as a way to take the edge off - was wondering if my heart would give out before my dick dropped off...luckily today was just a temporary steam leak, but a good indicator it's time to slow down. Planning to take the weekend off and just soak in the tub to recuperate. But next week....well...:cool:

Senor Gomes

Demien2k5 said:
Planning to take the weekend off and just soak in the tub to recuperate.

Bet you $5 you fall off the wagon before that.
Joined Dec 29, 2009
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Demien2k5 said:
mix of Spanish, Black, and American Indian in her ancestry which gives her her very hot unique look facially. A very nice mix result if you ask me :mrgreen:

Exotic girls usually have great bodies IE. HOT ASSES. Lacey might have a Brazilian mix.

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