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Nicole Neal



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SUNshine Girl Shelaine, 21, is into travelling, boating and camping. She is a fan of Marilyn Monroe and has a tattoo of the screen legend on her shoulder. (Jack Boland/QMI Agency)

She looks a bit too thin in some poses, but she does fill out her clothing well. A-!
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SUNshine Girl Melody, 20, loves to explore new things and places across Canada. Next up? How about heli-skiing in B.C.? Or skydiving. They are both on her list. (Jack Boland/QMI Agency)

So far, they only have one picture of this girl. Will post rest when they are up. From what I'm seeing so far, she's really cute, almost gorgeous! A!
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The rest of the pix are finally up! I think they were well worth the wait.

I think I'm gonna increase my score from A to A+! It's not often you see an Asian with curves and an awesome ass.

BTW, she's been on before (along with her sister, Joan). She has gained some weight, and I think she's gone from a cute girl to a genuine hottie with the weight gain!

Previous shoots:
Melody, 2012-12-06
Joan (sister), 2012-12-05
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SUNshine Girl Jenny is the sporty type, but there is also a cerebral side to her. She enjoys reading books and plays like Death of a Salesman, and when she’s not reading, she’d happily eat some spicy food — either Mexican or Japanese. Can you say wasabi? (Jack Boland Photos)

I kinda like her face, even though she seems to be a bit too thin, doesn't have much of an ass. B+!
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