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blackram said:
She looks like she has that bed-hair thing going for her, so she looks best when it looks like she's in a nighty:

She may not look good in everything, but she looks quite good in that white nighty. 86%. :good:



LickingGravity said:
SUNshine Girl Kristen, 27, is a personal trainer on a personal mission. She wants to find the most romantic guy out there.

Those puppies are gravity defying aren't they. I kept thinking " Convenient shelf" - 7

She's a disappointment.
Joined Sep 9, 2010
Messages 4,749
SUNshine Girl Ella loves music, and shopping. This movie buff likes films such as the 2009 thriller Law Abiding Citizen. And we like Ella so much we will even pretend to know what movie that is! When it comes to sports, our girl enjoys playing badminton.

Dynamite body, average but not unattractive face - 7.5
Joined Dec 17, 2010
Messages 14,418
She's a very cute to above-average GND. Body is a killer, with only the problem of a small tattoo, easily hidden. Her clothes just fit her right too. I can even go as high as to give her 90%!!! Praise-Bowing
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