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IN-Call Brianna @ DreamMakers - Fantastic!

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Joined Nov 14, 2009
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Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting up with Brianna for an intense 2 hour GFE/PSE session. I had the intention of seeing her ever since she first joined the agency late last year, but scheduling and other things got in the way. I had a chance to read her reviews, including king21's, and traded a few PM's with a couple of the vets on this board who had seen her and they all gave me the thumbs up.

Booking with Dreammakers was a breeze. Jersey the phone girl was very helpful and made sure that everything went very smoothly. At the scheduled time, I arrived at an upscale hotel near the airport and after receiving confirmation, hopped on an elevator and knocked on her door. Brianna opened it and she was wearing a very sexy black dress that highlighted her body contours. In terms of appearance, she had a cute, attractive, college girl look. She was about 20 years old, approximately 5' 5" with dark blonde hair, hazel eyes and such a cute smile. As soon as I walked in she threw her arms around me and greeted me with a big hug and several sensual kisses on the lips. This looked like it was going to be a great session. I quickly took care of business and jump in the shower.

When I got out, Brianna was waiting for me. We immediately start a DFK session and it was intense. There was some major tongue hockey going on there. While this is happening, she quickly pulled my towel off and starts stroking little Junior, who very quickly got very aroused. I started undoing her dress and very quickly, all of her clothes fell to the ground and I liked what I saw. Nice body, perky B-cups, soft, smooth skin with a lightly tanned complexion and I did not notice any tats or piercings. As I am standing up, she gracefully kneels down to meet Junior for a fantastic BBBJ with some major DT in there, while looking up at me with her dreamy eyes and consistently maintaining eye contact.

We both then got on the bed for some 69 and it was very enjoyable and lasted several minutes. She had excellent hygiene and was extremely responsive. FS was good and she was very energetic and always in motion. We went through all of the standard positions, CG, RCG, doggie, mish, deep stick, folded chairs. In RCG, the visuals were amazing and she rode me hard and encouraged me to slap her butt, which I did and it was hot. In CG, and mish, and folded chairs, there was a lot of DFK going on. I feel SOG #1 about to come, so I pull off the umbrella and Brianna gives me some major DT with BBBJ and I release it like a cannon for a fantastic CIM finish and she continued sucking for almost a full minute afterwards. We both got cleaned up and took a break.

During the downtime, we both cuddled and had a chance to chat for a bit and I found Brianna to be a very intelligent lady. There were a couple of interests that we both shared and we had a chance to talk about life and other experiences. She was quite attentive when I told her about my travels and my most memorable concert experiences when I saw favourite bands perform on stage. I also found her to be very easy going and funny at the same time, as we shared some light moments.

We then went for round 2 and it was pretty much a wild romp. She starts by walking Little Junior from the dead with some light stroking and then giving him another of her signature BBBJ with DT. I stand at the edge of the bed and we did some throat f**king and that was awesome. Did an extended DATY/6 'O' Clock digits and she was very vocal and extremely responsive. We then put on another umbrella and went through several positions again. We did standing doggie, doggie with me kneeling down, mish, folded chairs, etc, but with some extended DFK and some kinky stuff, which really heightened the PSE element to the encounter (YMMV). In mish, I asked her to bite me gently and scratch my back and she obliged and it felt so hot! There was also some ear and neck nibbling and sucking and other stuff as well. Greek was also available for an additional donation (I believe $40 or $50), but I did not partake. I promised her that I would on my next visit.

There was still some time left, so we went for round 3 and it was extremely intense. I found it to be even better than round 2. At the end, we were both sweating and I was physically spent. Time was up, so I hopped in the shower, got dressed and we DFK each other goodbye and I told her that I would schedule another appointment with her very soon. I was super hungry after the encounter, as I just had a pretty good cardio workout, so I went to the Lone Star restaurant which was nearby and got myself a big steak. Once I got home, I was super tired and physically spent from the afternoon, so I slept for several hours. Wow, what a day!

How would I rate my experience with Brianna? I had an awesome time with her. How would I rate her services/menu? Top notch PSE/GFE menu. If you want a passionate DFK er and DT BBBJ, she is the one. I found her to be very enthusiastic and spontaneous at the same time and she really takes pride in what she does. How would I rate the location? It was very easy to find. The room was very clean with lots of supplies. Would I repeat? Definitely.

What do I think about Brianna? I found her to be extremely nice and friendly. Very easy going, great conversationalist and has an excellent sense of humour. She is an amazing person who will definitely go places and achieve whatever she wants to in her life.

She is a gem and a great asset to Dreammakers. Please treat her right guys.

Joined Mar 5, 2010
Messages 371
Nice review KR, glad you were able to have a complete cardio workout!

I also agree with iceman, dream-maker does not seem to have their schedule that accurate. I have perused their website schedule and did not notice Brianna available at the airport location either.

iceman_dci said:
Great review KR...but I'm a little pissed off because Brianna has been on my TDL for quite some time and one of the things that stops me is that she's been DT and when she is available it doesn't match up with me, but I can always fit in a session at the airport; looking at the schedule on DM right now, it doesn't show her location like it used to. DM Please make this schedule as accurate as possible please !!!
Rant off...

Glad you had a great time with my future GF...LOL. I didn't know that greek was $$, it doesn't say that in her bio, one of the things that attracted me to her other than her figure and reputation, she sounds a lot like a Becky but with the added bonus of island hopping.

If she's at the airport next week,...look out baby!!
Joined Nov 14, 2009
Messages 1,471
frankpost said:
Nice review KR, glad you were able to have a complete cardio workout!
Thanks frank. It was excellent cardio and she totally wore me out. LOL

frankpost said:
I also agree with iceman, dream-maker does not seem to have their schedule that accurate. I have perused their website schedule and did not notice Brianna available at the airport location either.
I know what you mean frank. I called the night before to pre-book for the next day, but I did not know what location she would be at until I did a confirmation on the morning of the appointment.

JackassJack said:
Fantastic review KR. TDL keeps getting bigger
Thanks Jack.
Joined Nov 14, 2009
Messages 1,471
jagger said:
Cheers chap beer is on me brilliantly written.
Thanks jagger.

mynameismo said:
Wow KR awesome review chose a good time on the digits
Thanks mynameismo. It is fast becoming my favourite.

4Times said:
Another great review KR. Have wanted to see her for quite a while.
Thanks 4X. She is worth seeing.

forestgrumpy said:
Awesome review KR way to go dude.
Thanks forestgrumpy.


If you want a passionate DFK er and DT BBBJ, she is the one

Yup Bro she is for me, thanks for the recommendation been a while since I've seen any of Pete's girls, your review has moved her high into my TDL.
Joined Mar 23, 2010
Messages 44
Wow i have never seen so many great reviews in one day including yours mant thanks KR.
Joined Mar 28, 2010
Messages 2,346
Definitely a great review. Brianna looks fantastic. I am glad you had a great time.
A workout with a girl is hands down the best cardio one can so many ways.

Great time with Brianna, a steak and a good sleep...well that just sounds like heaven on earth.
Joined Nov 12, 2009
Messages 2,650
Awesome review KR; I'm glad that you had a great time with her, thanks for sharing. Passionate DFK, DT, BBBJ and greek...she's my kind of girl, on my TDL this beauty goes, thanks again KR.

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