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IN-Call A + B = Amy & Bella = Addicted To Both!

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I've reviewed these Italian 'Ginas' in the past elsewhere, so I'll make this brief, but would like to add that I also mentioned CAERF & the upcoming party to them, although these two ladies are quite private when it comes to their SP personas.

Saw them two days in a row this past week (yes, you read that right) as they were conveniently located in the west end near work - perhaps too convenient. Needless to say, the last time I saw them was before Christmas, so I guess I made up for it this time around.

I just can't resist their double BBBJ (anytime I watch this on a porno, I think of A & B), their hawt body art, and even the great conversation, laughter and storytelling we share over munchies, drinks, party favours, whatever.

One new thing I experienced was finishing inside Amy (safely of course), with the vocal urging of a fantasy* that all three of us want to indulge in (sorry guys, it's a secret). Man was it awesome. Another was Bella's BLS while Amy engaged my giovanni (I'm sure Bella did that before, but for some reason, I cherish this memory more).

Amy is more the porn star a la Ciciolina, with a smoking body and deep, dark hypnotic eyes that are surreal in the dim light. Bella is more the 'nice Italian girl with that mischievous side' - a little 'cativa'.

I adore them and cherish their company. What more can I say other than that I'm somewhat of a regular.

[email protected] (For a quicker reply, call their #)

*No, not wrestling the two of them in a tub filled with spaghetti & tomatoe sauce, although that's not a bad one.


Beenthere123 said:
JohnFK where is the link?

I saw their ad elsewhere if you catch my drift but I googled and found this link which should suffice.


JohnFK said:
I saw their ad elsewhere if you catch my drift but I googled and found this link which should suffice.

Thanks President :cool:


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Your addiction of A+B will pass with time JohnFK book a duo with Angelina and Sebelle for the cure. :twisted:

Borey the Bald

Thanks for the info JohnFK, good looking ladies.


Wow...nice find JFK. They look like an awesome DUO.


Very nice find JFK. 2 more ladies added to my TDL.
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