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Best review contest from January to April 2016. Winner prize to be decided with a SP



Congratulations on winning $100 off for the hour from a Garden of Eden SP:



What a Wookie Code 3 ..

Honorable mentions for coming close to:

J Strummer, Beached , MisterAsianLover, Kirk Lazarus, Raiden and JackAubrey, tied for fourth and will take that into account on the next contest.

Thank to GOE and BigGuy. and to all the contestants. Now I need info on the GOE girls, not many reviews, any intel greatly appreciated. jj


Wow, this is amazing! Congrats to the winners. I was surprised to see my name in there...none of my reviews are of SPs. I'm thinking of jumping back to that side so maybe next year!


An honour for a newcomer such as myself to be considered among such experienced and distinguished reviewers. Though "Starstruck" was a labour of love (perhaps lust?) and will long be considered a literary masterpiece, some day a classic, it paled beside the works of the winners. I take the blame. The subject of my review did her part to perfection, it was I who fell short of the mark.
It was a great lesson for me and I have learned from it. My next review I promise will be worthy of your accolades.
Another learning apparent from this particular post is: "do not mix fine single malts with posting on forums"
Congratulations to the winners. Happy hobbying!

What A Wookie

Congrats winners.

Who you gonna see Wookie?
Thanks Kirk.

Don't really know anything about the GoE ladies other than Amber (though I've never seen). Need to do some peruse the site closer and do some research. Did a quick look and there's some tempting options. If anyone has recommendations it would be appreciated,